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Maria instructs traditional Hatha yoga asanas (postures) complemented by a selection of meditative techniques in her classes. Within these sessions, she focuses on a specific sequence of asanas designed to harmonise the seven energy centres of your body, known as chakras.

With consistent practice, you may discover that feelings of anxiety and worry naturally diminish. You'll likely experience heightened productivity and creativity across various aspects of your life. Maintaining focus and presence becomes more attainable, and your body feels agile and comfortable, allowing you to pursue your goals with a newfound sense of ease and lightness.


Determining the limits of what can be achieved through yoga is a challenging task because its positive influence extends into every facet of our daily existence. While we can certainly highlight some common physical well-being benefits, it's essential to remember that yoga's potential transcends these boundaries, opening doors to limitless possibilities in our lives.

Better sleep - Regularly practising yoga a few times a week has been reported to significantly improve sleep quality, a benefit experienced by individuals dealing with varying degrees of insomnia.

Better posture - In just a matter of weeks, your posture will become more erect, your abdominal region will tighten, and you'll move with a newfound sense of confidence. The allure of these improvements is undeniable!


Stress relief - as a part of practice you are forced to focus on your breathing and body sensations, your stress reactions will be diminished as a result


Weight loss and muscle tone - in addition to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight yoga will help to

stretch, define and tone your muscles, without overbuilding them!


Mental sharpness - by growing awareness of your body and breath you will become more focused and present; recent studies proved yoga helps with memory and concentration!


Balance - by practising balancing poses you will notice how your overall balance has improved, you are so much in control of your mind, keeping it still


No back pain or stiffness - medical research has shown that practising yoga can be as effective or even more effective than pharmaceuticals in the treatment of back pains and stiffness, how wonderful is that!


You can do it anywhere - once you know the basics you can practise it anywhere by yourself or with your friends!


More energy - by regular practice you will balance your energy centres and cleanse energy paths (nadis) releasing more energy into your body, goodbye fatigue!


Immunity boost - recent studies showed that yoga practice is capable of boosting your immune system, people practicing it regularly have almost forgotten what flu feels like!

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