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Our classes are run in a beautifully renovated Upper Hocking Hall at Whittington Park Community Association

Location address: Yerbury Road, London N19 4RS, or check the map here.

Tuesday evening class 7.00-8.00 pm

Saturday morning class 9.00- 10.00 am

Drop in classes £13 full rate, £8 concessions


Please pre-book in advance with a text message to 07917756385  - subject to mats availability

Maria teaches classical Hatha yoga, and her classes can be intense, so be ready to work up a sweat! However, she offers variations to make the practice suitable for all levels, so everyone can participate comfortably. 

We typically commence our practice with dynamic standing and balancing asanas, seamlessly transitioning into hip-opening postures, followed by backbends and forward bends. Finally, we conclude our sequence with inversions. This progression guides the flow of energy, uplifting it upwards, ultimately enveloping us in a profound sense of bliss and inner peace as we conclude our practice with Shavasana - a pose of ultimate relaxation. 


Maria is available to teach private and corporate classes, she can be reached via her mobile or through the contact form 


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